Hearthstone Patch 9166 – Tavern Brawls, New Heroes – Animated, New Card Backs


A patch has been discovered on Blizzard’s servers. It is not yet available for download via the Battle.net client. This patch contains the new Tavern Brawl gamemode, three new cosmetic heroes, and a set of Brawl-specific cards.

Update Log (Times in EDT)

10:52 PM: Cleaned up the post. Samsung card back appears to be triggered by a “login_device”.
7:20 PM: Added video showing how the heroes look in the shop, how they are purchased, new collection manager, and hero picker!
4:46 PM: Added animated card backs for Samsung and the new heroes!
4:35 PM: Added Tavern Brawl main theme music.
4:18 PM: All the new hero audio is up!
4:05 PM: Added new hero trays and Tavern Brawl interface images
3:35 PM: Added Hero Emotes

Hearthstone Patch 9166

This patch is not currently live.

Read on at http://www.hearthpwn.com/news/921-hearthstone-patch-9166-tavern-brawls-new-heroes

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