Team Secret beat EG 3-1, win ESL One


Evil Genuises and Team Secret share one of the best rivalries in all of eSports at this moment and this was their most important meeting. ESL One Frankfurt 2015 was the last event before the International and a chance for the teams to establish dominance and become favorites for the International 5. 

Both teams dominated their opponents in the semi finals and it was very hard to call the winner. Even the analyst desk split the descision, although the odds were 2:1 in the favor of Secret but they were not the favorites by any stretch of the imagination. 

Evil Genuises have been playing out of their mind so far into the tournament, SumaiL has become a lot more calculated player. There have been questions surrounding Syed and whether or not he’ll be able to sustain his performances and he definitely has. Aui_2000 is becoming on of the best supports in the world. The other three are always very solid and you simply don’t see them ununderperforming.

Team Secret on the other hand are the most consistent team right now, coming in they were 3-0 finals winning Red Bull Battlegrounds, the Summit 3 and the MarsTV DotA2 League. They’ve been rock solid as a team and just seem to win even when the odds are stacked against them. 

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