Team Secret victorious at Red Bull Battle Grounds

Despite being the super team that Team Secret is, they had yet to conquer a LAN championship. On top of their already first places in online competitions DotaCinema Captains Draft 2 as well as Dota Pit League, season 2, they can now add their first LAN championship, as they won Red Bull Battle Grounds last night. In the past, they have had great runs at StarLadder Season 10 as well as the prestigious Dota 2 Asia Championships. While many predicted the team to go the distance, they ultimately fell before the finishing line and finished second and third respectively. Both tournaments eventually were won by Evil Geniuses.
For Red Bull Battle Grounds, five regions sent their representatives selected through a qualifier in each region. Other than Secret and the second finalist Invictus Gaming, the teams entering the challenger phase were MY, Hellraisers and Summer’s Rift. The challenger matches spoke in favour of both iG and Secret as teams were scared to challenge them, thus they qualified for the finals without having been tested too much. The final it self was an intense best of five series, which ended up going to the fifth and deciding game. Team Secret ultimately won it and the $24,000 along with it. On top of that they did earn $9,500 in the challenger phase for keeping all their lives as well as winning two challenges.


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